OvercomingSCD in Children

The Challenge

Yearly, more than 300,000 children are born with Sickle Cell Disease(SCD) in the world and about 75% of these babies are born in sub-Saharan Africa.1, 2

Nigeria accounts for 66% of the total live births of children with SCD in Africa with a statistical projection of over 150,000 births yearly. Most of these children are born into families with limited financial outcomes and communities with limited health resources and therefore lack access to adequate care or cannot afford it.

Generally in Africa, Sickle cell disease has a high mortality rate in children where an estimated 50% - 95% of infants born with the disease don’t make it past the age of 5 years.1

In Nigeria, sickle cell disease is estimated to be the sixth leading cause of death in children aged less than 5 years.15

Our Response

OvercomingSCD in Children is DSC's response to the need for reduced mortality and improved health outcomes of children born with sickle cell disease. It will strive to achieve this through an early life-course approach in children identified under the program by improving access to timely ongoing quality care after diagnosis and providing educational and psycosocial support to new mothers of babies with SCD.

This program will develop, implement or augment any national — international, private or public led — initiative with priorities on early diagnosis and improved life expectancy of children with sickle cell disease.


Strengthen healthcare, programs and interventions for children diagnosed with sickle cell disease and vulnerable families at risk.


Develop and implement an improved healthcare strategy that will:

  • identify opportunities for improving the health outcomes for children diagnosed with sickle cell disease.
  • develop and establish our Newborn/Children Observation and Intervention Program.
  • strengthen our response to mortality in children with SCD.
  • strengthen our support for vulnerable families
  • support and augument public or private led Newborn Screening Programs.
  • strengthen our partnerships to support and positively impact on the lives of children with SCD.
  • extend our reach through advocacy, capacity development, research and care.

Partnering to Impact

We strive to ensure that our partnerships are proactive, accountable and actively invested in all efforts to impact on the status of sickle cell disease in Africa and strengthen collaboration on building informed sustainable solutions that can be implemented, measured and scaled up overtime.

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