Who We Are

Our mission at Dr.SickleCell is to improve the health of millions of people living with sickle cell disease, particularly in Africa, with a strategic focus on disadvantaged circumstances, by challenging the status quo and using innovative approaches to eliminate perceived barriers to quality care using an integrated approach implemented through informed strategies and effective partnerships. We work to further prevention and control, while fostering collaborations.

Dr. SickleCell is a dynamic and unique non-profit dedicated to finding and implementing innovative and informed approaches to changing the narrative on sickle cell disease by working to improve access to care, convening the broader sickle cell community, developing capacity across health systems and increasing advocacy for needed impact.

We work to ensure impact by reaching the people and communities with the greatest needs. Through our programs and partnerships we will address unmet health needs in children, women and under-served communities in Nigeria and Africa at large by developing and implementing innovative people-first and impact-oriented solutions.

Our Strategy

Our strategic directions are pivotal to achieving our vision of overcoming sickle cell disease in Nigeria and Africa.

They position us to anticipate and respond to the immediate challenges, as well as to embrace new opportunities and innovative ways of delivering high quality, responsive and scalable programs and solutions over the longer term. They form the foundation for our prioritiesat DCS, from convening, to capacity building, access to care and advocacy.

Our History

Dr. SickleCell was established in Lagos, Nigeria in 2015 as an dedicated center to tackle the escalating burden of Sickle Cell Disease in Nigeria, Africa and the world around, with a strategic focus on children, women and underserved communities. Since then, our work has been that of changing the narative of SCD in Africa.

Partnering to Impact

We strive to ensure that our partnerships are proactive, accountable and actively invested in all efforts to impact on the status of sickle cell disease in Africa and strengthen collaboration on building informed sustainable solutions that can be implemented, measured and scaled up overtime.

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