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Join us and others around the world as we spread awareness on SCD through this month of September, 2020.

Sickle Cell Awareness Month

What is it?

Sickle Cell Awareness Month is originally a US Congress designated national effort to direct focus and attention on the need for advocacy, research and treatment of sickle cell disease in the US and is conducted every month of september. Although no official designation of Sickle Cell Awareness Month has been made by other countries, the month is usually recognized by the organizations supporting the Sickle Cell community in their respective regions.

The National Sickle Cell Awareness Month originated in 1975 when the National Association for Sickle Cell Disease - NASCD(now known as the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America, Inc.- SCDAA) and its member organizations began conducting month-long events to raise awareness about sickle cell disease and the need to address the problem at the national and local level. This was offically recognized in 1983 when the U.S. House of Representatives unanimously passed the resolution, designating the month of September as “National Sickle-Cell Anemia Awareness Month”.

Like many organizations in and outside the US, We at DSC believe in leveraging every presented opportunity to advocate for better outcomes in sickle cell disease, especially in Africa where it is more prevalent. We join hundreds of activities and events taking place around the world every september to amplify key messages and voices of people affected by sickle cell disease.

Our theme this year is "Together We Can". We believe that only through a collaborative effort, can we overcome sickle cell disease.

Join us this September and spread awareness now.


Sickle Cell Awareness
Month theme:

Together We Can

This year's theme is all about oneness and uniting against sickle cell disease.